Milan Nestarec - Nase -2021 - regio Moravia

Shaking makes you feel good

A brand new fieldblend straight from our "chateau"! We have a young vineyard we planted a couple of years ago by ourselves, a plot I probably spend the most time in because it's right under the winery. Basically the first harvest and the first wine from this land – the excitement of waiting to discover what it will be like! And I'm very happy with how it turned out: an exuberant, lively free thinker. I know I often swear by old vines. Which is still true, but... Naše (= ours in Czech) is a wine that is ultimately more important than I thought. Hence the name. (Which, as you may have guessed, was originally a bit of a reference to Moje, aka Mine. And the label is in turn a reference to the signpost that marks the beginning and end of our village and stands literally 3 steps from the entrance to our winery.)

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