Kamara Pure - Dimitrios Kioutsoukis - Stalisma - 2021 - (regio Macedonia)

Label: Stalisma white

Origin: North Greece

Appellation: PGI Thessaloniki

Region: Slopes of Kamara, Oraiokastro Thessaloniki

Variety: Malagousia-Xinomavro blanc de noir (80-20% blend)

History of the label: Stalisma in Greek is the rest of the herd in a shady place on summer afternoons where a cool air passes. Our stalisma wines are like that. They are so refreshing, like the cool fresh air during the hot summer afternoons.

Tasting notes:

Light yellow color, with its base unique standing out it is a bottle for high quality wines. When you smell it, you can easily descry citrus fruits and pergamot scents, with a nice jasmine feeling and herbal characteristics(yarrow, wild herbal).At the end it leaves you with the scent of green apple and lime. It is a wine for those who can wait, which aromas are highlighted after a while and last for a long time. After tasting it there is a long-lasting metallicity (as a result of Xinimavro) and an amazing feeling of saltness.

Vineyard notes:

Variety: Malagousia
Rootstock: Richter110
Hectare/planted: 2,4ha/2008
Soil: Clay-Loam
Orientation: Eastern
Altitude: 140m above sea level

Variety: Xinomavro
Rootstock: Richter110
Hectare/planted: 1,6 ha/2008
Soil: Clay sand schist
Orientation: Eastern
Altitude: 140m above sea level

Winemaking report:

Each grape variety ferments individually with its indigenous yeasts. They are harvested in low alcohol volume so that the acidity and the freshness do not fade away. After that we blend both the varieties together and stirred on their own fine-lees for at least 3 months. There is no protein stabilization, no filtration, no fining, only tartrate stabilization. The oenological interventions are minimum, and the bottling is done later during next spring with no added sulfites.

Aging potential:

Aging potential up to 5 years. The wine is bottled with a natural cork closure, in order to ensure a unique aging capacity. Ideal serving temperature between 12-16ο C.

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