Milan Nestarec - Barvirka - 2019

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Serve hell-chilled, with an open mind

Barvířka is not just Dornfelder though - I love to see diversity in my wines so it also sports some Zweigelt and a secret mix of white varieties (I can be Colonel Sanders too!). And a cute lino-cut label by my dear wife. It has low tannins, high colour, low alcohol and high drinkability; I drunk a bottle in an hour all by myself so you can take my word for it. Serve hell-chilled with an open mind.

The name means “colour-enhancer” in Czech (teinturier in French) and it comes from the people of Naše maso - a cool butcher shop in Prague that used it to call it Barvířka, my distributor Standa of Veltlin told me. I was a bit in pinch and any name seemed better than “Dornfelder”, I thought, so there goes “Barvířka" on the label. I did it with only the domestic market in mind as the word is f* tongue twister unless you’re a Czech native. But, without even flashing it anywhere, my dear importers started to ask for it so there you go - hope you guys abroad are having fun while ordering it, haha.

PS. It's sth like [bar-veezh-kah], you're welcome.