Els Vinyerons Vins Naturals - Saltamarti - 2020 - DO Penedès

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Saltamontes | Grasshopper | Sauterelle | Gräshoppa | Gprinkhaan | Heuschrecke | кузнечик | 蟋蟀

Tempranillo. 90% current vintage, 10% last vintage aged one year in French oak.
Fresh and delicate, with balanced astringency.
Balsamic and dark fruit aromas are shown.
Light mixture of calcareous and sandy soils.
Not sulfites added, just contains the ones naturally developed by the grape.


Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo) is the most representative red variety of Spain. It's very delicate and aromatic, with little oxidative power and under water stress conditions gives great quality wines. The soil of this vineyard is predominantly limestone and sandy, very drained, enhancing the delicate aromas of this powerful grape.

For a respectful vinification, grapes are harvested by hand and after a soft maceration and pressing, alcohol and malolactic fermentation occurs with wild yeasts.

90% of the grape comes from the 2019 harvest. After several dry years, 2019 was rainy during spring, warm but with decreasing temperatures at the end of the season, this promoted the maintaining of acidity and helped to develop fruity aromas. The harvest came very early, started at the end of August till the first half of September, resulting
in low yields, high concentration and healthy grapes.

10% of the grape comes from 2018 harvest. It was a dry year, due this the juice of the grapes was concentrated. This wines has been aged for over a year in French oak barrels of 300 liters.

As a result we get a fresh and delicate wine with balanced astringency. Plum, currant, raspberry and balsamic aromas are shown.

No sulfur added at any time or any other product, to preserve the honesty of the soil and allow the expression of this grape.

Grape: Tempranillo
Origin Appellation: DO Penedès
Soil: Sandy and Limestone
Alcohol: 11.76% vol.
Total Sulphur: 22mg/I
T.Acidity (Tartaric): 5.6 g/I
pH: 3,4
Residual Sugar: <0.5g/I.