Domin & Kusicky - David KuŇ°ick√Ĺ - Serotonin - 2021 - Stredoslovensk√°

ūüćä SEROTONIN 2021 by David KuŇ°ick√Ĺ
At the time when grandfather thought about the composition of our vineyards, he worked with his lived experience from the past, but he also consulted with friends from the West. Today I see it as his experiment and gift in one. One of the experiments is the variety Muscat d'oro, an Italian clone of muscat.
Long bunches, thick skin, high acids, slower ripening and the very scent of the bunch still in the vineyard... you just have to experience it.
‚ú®Muscat d'oro in 2021 was left for 22 days in open vats on skins, then matured in a stainless steel container on 'lies'.
During the sensory tastings of this wine during the year, it was impossible not to notice the unusual reactions of the "tasters". They were just like through a photocopier. Positive. Smiling, amazed, full of interjections... Just such a hormone of happiness under a crown cap without a prescription. That's SEROTONIN. Without added sulphur, unfiltered and spontaneous. Literally. ‚ú®

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