Domin & Kusicky - David Kušický - Juice For Adults - 2020 - Stredoslovenská

100% MERLOT 🍇
"My grandfather had a talent for many activities. One of them was the apt naming of things and events as such. His ideas are often mentioned in our family circles during debates over wine. "Merlot is a juice for adults" was a statement that was repeated several times either from grandfather's mouth, or today only as a memory, when drinking this variety. The story of this particular wine begins only during the harvest in 2020. I get my hands on Merlot grapes - from our vineyard Viničky 1. A short six-day maceration, gentle pressing and spontaneous fermentation, which spontaneously stopped at 7g of residual sugar. Nature arranged it that way. And maybe only grandfather wanted to underline the name JUICE FOR ADULTS. The story, based on a true event, was closed by Dante Kukurucho, a happily jumping grandfather in front of the camera on the label, from 1968."

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