Milan Nestarec - Transcendent n°3 - NV (2021-2022) - 12,5% - regio Moravia

A leap of faith towards the Existenz of florescence

The name comes from a typical “distracted winemaker” story: for the “label” of this wine, I experimented with a can of bright pink spray whose label read “Fluorescent”. This somehow mutated in my mind overnight so I thought the spray was called “Transcendent”, and liked that a lot as a sign, because what goes more beyond our usual perceived reality than a rosé under flor?! The next day, I was a bit sad to discover that my conceptually perfect puzzle of wine and its name was a fallacy and that the spray is actually called Fluorescent. But hey, that doesn’t make the wine any less transcendental, right?

Each bottle is a hand-painted original with "label" sprayed on by me, the distracted winemaker helped by my team and the mighty Transcendental paint.

Blend of the excellent, extraordinarily balanced 2021 and the warmer, generous 2022 vintage.

This third edition sees a shift from the previous Neuburg-Zweigelt-Regent combo (we don’t grow Regent anymore, it went away with a Dornfelder plot I decided to rip out) towards a happy marriage of two Pinots and my dear Blaufrankisch. What remains is the terroir,
our signature Slovenské loess plot, and the method of
macerating white grapes on skins with the direct-press
juice of the reds. Different different but same, this layered rosé is still a singular tasting experience of superposed, supercharged flavours. We also bottled a limited number of mags for extra pleasure.

Grape varieties Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Blaufrankisch
Region Moravia
Subregion Velkopavlovická
Village Moravský Žižkov
Vineyard Slovenské
Aspect South-east
Average altitude 210 - 225 m ASL
Slope 13%
Soil Loess
Farming Organic (certified by ABCERT)
Age of vines Planted between 1995–2001
Vineyard size 0.9 ha
Training system Guyot
Density of plantation 2.0 x 0.9 m
Yield 33 hl/ha in average
Harvest By hand, 2022 and 2021
Vinification Skin-maceration of the whites, directpress red-grape juice added on top.
Pressing Pneumatic press after fermentation
Fermentation Spontaneous
Ageing Older 225l barrels
Fining No
Filtration No
Sulfur addition No
Bottling October 16, 2023
Lot number Trans3
Alcohol by volume 12.5%
Acids 5.8 g/l
Residual sugar 0.3 g/l
Bottle 0.75 l & 1.5 l
Closure Ardeaseal Organic
Serving temperature 13–15 °C

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