Milan Nestarec - Dopamin NV - Solera 2019-2022 - 11,5% - regio Moravia

Don't kill the messenger

Non-vintage solera from the 2019–2022 vintages.

Dopamine, the “feel-good” hormonal messenger that is
key to many processes in our body, was definitely released when we were making this wine. It’s an ode to my signature spontaneity and curiosity (some might say lack of plan, haha), solera born in one of our very first Stockinger barrels. At first, we started blending various white wines from our Slovenské plot that didn’t fit into their respective barrels, and then it became this game of “Stockinger Surprise”, wine that we let live its own life without any projections about how it should taste. After 4 years of true no intervention, it’s
at a wonderful stage and ready to go on your tables and comptoirs! Great value and perfect BTG material. Label spray-painted by yours truly. And it tastes good! Beautiful energy, a wine made for drinking (by glass).

Grape varieties Gruner Veltliner (dominant),
Chardonnay, Riesling
Region Moravia
Subregion Velkopavlovická
Village Moravský Žižkov
Vineyard Slovenské
Aspect South-east
Average altitude 210 - 225 m ASL
Slope 13–17%
Soil Loess
Farming Organic (certified by ABCERT)
Age of vines Planted between 1997–2002
Vineyard size 1.3 ha
Training system Guyot
Density of plantation 2.20 x 1.0 m
Yield 35 hl/ha in average
Harvest By hand, 2019–2022
Vinification Foot-stomped, overnight maceration
Pressing 22 hours slow pneumatic press
Fermentation Spontaneous
Ageing Stockinger oak barrel, 3000 litres, new
Fining No
Filtration No
Sulfur addition No
Bottling November 13, 2023
Lot number DOP1
Alcohol by volume 11.5%
Acids 6.3 g/l
Residual sugar 0.3 g/l
Bottle 0.75 l & 1.5 l
Closure Ardeaseal Organic
Serving temperature 11–12 °C

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