Celler 9+ - Moisès Virgili - Vermut 1917 - 15% - vdm (regio Tarragona)


Our Vermouth 1917 is the only natural vermouth on the market without added sugars. It is dry and aromatic, made with artisan macerations of Mediterranean herbs and fruits.

Vineyards cultivated in organic agriculture and located in Nou de Gaià, municipality of Tarragonès, about 4 km in a straight line to the Mediterranean Sea.
The sea breeze, called Marinada, which in the summer months starts blowing around ten in the morning. It protects us from excesses of heat and allow a magnificent and constant ripening of the grapes, avoiding the overripening of grapes.
The soils are generally sandy loam with low fertility.
The blend contains 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Sumoi.

Since the grapes are not macerated, the vermouth is made directly with rosé. The must ferments at 18-20ºC.
Once fermentation is complete, we pour the wine into 1200 liter chestnut wood barrels from 1917 that still contain rancidity. The barrels were given to us by the Arnabat-Roig family from the Santa Agnès estate in the Santes Creus area. We add a maceration of herbs with alcohol to the old vats which also serve to prevent the reduction of the wine.
We make our own macerations with rosemary, sage, tangerine skins, lemon, thyme and other plants and fruits from our territory. Selected herbs and fruits give this vermouth a unique and complex aroma. After 12 months we bottle 3/4 of the wine from each vat and fill them with new wine from the current year to always leave the vats full.
We do not add any kind of preservatives, clarifiers, stabilizers or sulfites, only grapes, as natural as possible.

On the nose we find notes of citrus fruits, pomegranates, peaches and cherries, on a background of Mediterranean herbs. We also find elegant rancid notes.
In the mouth it is structured, with intensity of fruit and herbal notes, medium volume and soft tannins. The aftertaste is long with an elegant bitterness.
The fact that no sugars or sulphites are added to the wine and that there are no residual sugars, makes this a vermouth out of the ordinary. We recommend serving slightly cold.

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