Celler 9+ - Moisès Virgili - Mèdol Selecció 3R Cartoixà Vermell - 2023 - 12% - vdm (regio Tarragona)


Cartoixà Vermell is a rare local mutation of Cartoixà with a distinctive characteristic; despite being a white grape, the reddish color of the skin gives the wine a rosé-like pigment when exposed to skin contact. The grape also tends to be spicier than its ancestor; we find it elegant in a rustic way.

Organic farming, without insecticides and with natural fertilizers, preserving the well-being of our environment and our consumers.
The grapes come from a group of plots around Nou de Gaià. Accompanied by the sea breeze, the Marinade, which caresses the vines since mid-morning, and allows us to maintain a constant ripening.
Blend 100% Cartoixà Red.

We achieve the characteristic color by fermenting the grapes with their skins for 32 days between 15-18ºC. Once the maceration is finished, it is pressed, and the low-pressure wine begins aging with the lees.
The duration for the 2023 harvest was 9 months. The wine is bottled with a small percentage of lees to improve the evolution of the wine over time.
It is advisable to decant the wine to remove the lees.
It is a wine free of preservatives and added sulphites, only grapes, more natural than possible!

Similar to the 2n of 9+ Selecció, the aroma mixes fruity notes, nuts and sweet nuances, which transport us to a childhood in a Mediterranean village, with peaches, apricots, hazelnuts, quince and honey.
In the mouth it is broad, structured and marked with fresh tannins and citrus touches. The finish is driven by nuts and a long aftertaste.
We recommend serving cold.

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