Loverbeer - Valter Loverier - Dama Brun-a 2014 - 37,5cl - 7,7% - 14,7°P

Oak Aged Ale - Top Fermented Beer

It is the same basis that gave birth to Madamin too. This beer is fermented only in oak vats, matured for 12 months in large barrels.
In summer I add lactobacillus and caramel sugar to obtain lactic fermentation. It is my personal tribute to oud bruin (brown Flemish ale).

"Tribute to Flemish old brown ales appearing mainly in the nose with the contrast between sweet caramel and lactic-sourish flavors. In the palate, vinous taste from oak barrel aging introduce to pleasant fruity notes of cherry and sultana with a slight abstringent finish. It could match well with medium-matured cheeses, it could be better to cooking braised game dishes" - Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska

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