YS8850 - Akishika Shuzo - Akishika Aragoshi Nigori - 16% - 72cl


Name Akishika Aragoshi Nigori  あらごし濁り
Brewery Akishika Shuzō 秋鹿酒造
Type Junmai muroka nama-gen nigori
Content 720 ml
Rice polishing rate 70%
Prefecture Osaka
Alcohol percentage
Sake meter value
Acidity 16%
Storage Drink cold
Store in refrigeration

Aragoshi nigori means ‘roughly-pressed cloudy’. It is sake with high quantities of rice residue on the bottle. It perfectly combines the natural sweetness of the rice and the delicate refreshing dry undertones of the sake. Unpasteurised, unfiltered, undiluted. Not sparkling, so easy to handle. Shake slightly and drink cold. Store in refrigeration.

Akishika Shuzō is one of a handful of breweries that follow the wine chateau concept. Practically all the rice used is grown right around the brewery by the owner himself and about 20 contracted local farmers. Akishika was founded in 1886 and has under the present owner/headbrewer Oku Hiroaki acquired itself a reputation amongst connoisseurs of a brewery making top-quality sake with an outspoken dry and robust character. It boasts a huge maturation storage, where Oku leisurely ages some of the best matured sake to be found. Akishika Shuzō limits itself to making strictly pure rice wine (junmaishu) without any additives.

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