YS8255 - Fukuchiyo Shuzo - Nabeshima - Junmai Ginjo - 16% - 180cl


Brewery Fukuchiyo Shuzo
Type junmai (dai)ginjō
Rice polishing rate 50%
Prefecture Saga
Alcohol percentage 16%
Sake Meter Value +1
Acidity 1.5
Serving Drink cold

This sake is made from the highest grade Yamadanishiki rice of Hyogo Prefecture, and is and example of a perfect ginjo sake, with strong, yet not overbearing fruity aroma and a light but tasteful body. It is actually more than a ginjo, since the polishing rate is of daiginjo level. Slightly sweet with balancing acidity, this sake will be a pleasant accompaniment for light tasting food.

The brewery Fukuchiyo Shuzo was founded in 1885 and is part of a cluster of sake breweries in the pre-modern market town of Kashima. A relatively small traditional brewery, but its exquisite daiginjo and ginjo sake have received national and international recognition, making its product sought after by specialised sake shops and bars. Its daiginjo won the overall first prize at the 2011 IWC and accordingly Nabeshima sake became even more difficult to get.

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