YS5035 - Heiwa Shuzo - Tsuruume - Suppai - 11% - 180cl


Brewery: Heiwa Shuzo
Type: umeshu aged 3 years
Content: 1800 ml

Prefecture: Wakayama
Alcohol %: 11%

Serving: Drink cold, either straight or on-the-rocks.

Suppai (which means ‘sour’) is a new plum sake from Wakayama Prefecture, the plum heartland of
Japan. The Heiwa Shuzō brewery has its own orchards and sticks to the principle of slow-brew. For
this exquisite and full-taste umeshu, three times more plums have been used than usual and the
plums have been kept in the sake very long, giving extra plum taste and aroma and making it extra
sour. Aged for 3 years.

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