YS8083 - Omi Shuzo - Omiji Kijoshu - 2014 Blend - 16% - 72cl


Brewery Omi Shuzo
Type Junmai koshu kijoshu aged 36 years
Content 720 ml
Rice polishing % 60%
Prefecture Shiga
Alcohol % 17%
Sake Meter Value -38
Acidity 1.8
Serving Drink slightly chilled.

The perfect accompaniment to any dessert, whether fruit, cake, chocolate, nuts, or cheese. But also wonderful as aperitif or digestive, Ōmiji Kijōshu is a most versatile drink. The method by which kijōshu is prepared is quite similar to Port wine, but actually dates back to a 1000-years old recipe from the imperial palace. In the third stage of adding the main ingredients sake is added instead of brewing water, making the result more sweet and syrupy. Add to this an unheard-of maturation of 36 years, and you end up with a true explosion of taste, aroma and colour. An aroma reminiscent of port, a soft velvety touch, and a very long finish. While sweet it is not cloying at all. The aftertaste has caramel qualities, slightly bitter with a burnt feeling.

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