YS8780 - Niida Honke - Niida Shizenshu Ginjō - 16% - 72cl


Name Niida Shizenshu Ginjō 仁井田自然酒吟醸
Brewery Niida Honke 仁井田本家
Type junmai ginjō nama-gen shizenshu
Content 720 ml
Rice polishing rate 60%
Prefecture Fukushima
Alcohol percentage 16%
Sake Meter Value +1
Acidity 1.5
Serving Storage Drink cold Store in refrigeration (5 C)
A smooth ginjō sake from Niida Honke brewery, one of the two breweries in Japan that work with 100% organic rice. Niida Shizenshu Ginjō is an elegant sake, made with natural yeast. Strong yet not-overbearing fruity aroma and a light but tasteful body. Slightly sweet with balancing acidity. Store in refrigeration and drink cold.
Niida Honke is a brewery that aims to co-exist with the environment and support the rice farmers of the village. Accordingly it only uses locally-cultivated organic rice for its sake, and its pure sake are fermented with natural yeast.

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