YS8430 - Uehara Shuzo - Taiko no Izanai - 17% - 72cl


Brewery Uehara Shuzo
Type Junmai yamahai muroka nama genshu shinsosui-jikomi shizenshu
Content 720 ml
Rice polishing % 90%
Prefecture Shiga
Alcohol % 17%
Sake Meter Value unknown
Acidity unknown
Serving Drink at room temperature or warmed up

The one-and-only true ‘seawater sake’. Whereas almost all of the seawater sake is made on the island of Shikoku, to be sold to tourists, these are so filtered and diluted that you can hardly tell the sea was involved. The sea water used for Taiko no Izanai was unfiltered and almost undiluted, thus you could not drink it for the first three years. Now after 12 years of aging it has acquired a harmonious balance between subdued salty taste, maturation and minimally polished organic rice.

Completely unique (made only once) heavy-taste sake. Slow-brew yamahai, natural yeast, slowly pressed, unpasteurised, unfiltered and undiluted.

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