YS8217 - Inoue Gomei - Biden 1999 - 16% - 180cl

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Brewery Inoue Gōmei
Type Junmai yamahai koshu aged 15 years
Content 720 ml / 1800 ml
Rice polishing % 65%
Prefecture Fukuoka
Alcohol % 16%
Sake Meter Value -1
Acidity 2.0
Serving Drink at room temperature or slightly warmed up

Made from locally grown Yamadanishiki rice, fermented in the traditional yamahai method, and aged at room temperature, fifteen-year aged Biden is a soft and full-bodied koshu. With caramel tones typical to aged sake, it is good accompaniment for meat, as well as soy-sauce and miso seasoned, and even spicy dishes.