YS8135 - Chikumanishiki Shuzo - Kizan - 15% - 180cl


Brewery: Chikumanishiki Shuzo
Type: Junmai ginjo nama genshu
Content: 720 ml - 1800 ml
Rice polishing %: 55%
Prefecture: Nagano
Alcohol %: 15%
Sake Meter Value: -14
Acidity: 3.1
Serving: Drink cold

A very elegant yet full-bodied, fruity ginjō sake. Unpasteurised. A combination of sweetness and acidity results in a refreshing apple-like aroma and taste. In contrast to most ginjō, which predominantly offer aroma, Kizan has a very high level of acidity for a ginjō sake and accordingly also provides full body and full taste.

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